The OUTlist

OUT List

The OUTlist promotes visibility and awareness for our UCSF LGBTQIA+ students, staff, faculty, residents, postdocs, and fellows. Over the years, this online resource has helped us establish a sense of community, despite the inherent geographical barriers between our different sites. In 2017, the LGBT Resource Center revamped its OUTlist to celebrate and honor the experiences of our queer communities at UCSF. The new project shares the unique stories of UCSF community members through videos and posters. Our hope is that these stories will foster allyship and education about the vibrant and resilient queer communities at UCSF.

OUTlist 2017

A group of UCSF community members were selected to participate in the new project that features video interviews about their unique lived experiences. Paired with their interviews, the following poster series will be distributed for display across campus. The unveiling of the OUTlist videos will take place at the End of the Year Gathering on June 1st, 2017.