LGBTQIA+ Education and Training at UCSF

The LGBT Resource Center provides individual and group consultation, educational workshops, and training to the campus community and medical center about issues that impact LGBTQIA+ people. Together with the Office of Diversity and Outreach, we also provide trainings on greater diversity issues and intersections of identity.

Whether it is an employee coming out in the workplace, an incident that occured in a particular school or department, or a unit's own request to learn more about a specific topic related to diversity issues, the LGBT Resource Center is available to meet the unique needs of your school or department. We also offer more individualized consultation services to supervisors and managers. Below is a list of some of the trainings we have given in the past. To request a training or consultation, please contact k[email protected]

  • LGBTQIA+ 101
  • Transgender Sensitivity 101
  • Unconcious Bias and Microaggressions
  • Diversity and the Workplace
  • People are People: A Primer on Inclusion for Managers
  • LGBTQIA+ Mental Health
  • Individual consults with supervisors regarding employees and gender transition
  • Self Care 101 for Providers

For additional information, education, and training on LGBTQIA+ issues, please refer to our Education and Training page.