LGBTQIA+ Listerserv

Over 800 LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, staff, residents, fellows, and postdocs at UCSF are linked via a listserv that publicizes campus LGBTQIA+ events and news, as well as the weekly Listserv Digest for all external news! To join, address an email to [email protected] with this message with no subject line:

subscribe lgbt yourfirstname yourlastname

Be sure those four words are the only text in your message. (And please note that if you're subscribing from a non-UCSF address, you'll be asked for your UCSF affiliation.) You'll receive a prompt confirmation that you've joined the listserv, along with posting instructions.

Listserv Guidelines

General Listserv Etiquette

  • We have to be considerate of others and the volume of email that we receive each day. Before posting a message to the listserv, please ask yourself if thetopic is one that most would be interested in. Is this posting more appropriate on Craigslist or Facebook?
  • As all UCSF listservs are owned by the University, please continue to be mindful that any postings should be written professionally, respectfully, and in support of University business.
  • When you reply to an email, please do not reply to the entire group unless you are absolutely sure you want all recipients to receive your message. Most of the time, it is not necessary to reply to the entire group. Please choose this option wisely.

Thanks for your consideration around these guidelines. Please continue to use the current listserv e-mail address [email protected] for future postings.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:  [email protected]