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How to subscribe:

Follow these steps to subscribe to the LGBT Resource Center Newsletter:

Send an email with no subject line to [email protected]. In the body of the email, write a one line message: subscribe lgbt first-name last-name


Be sure those four words are the only text in your message. Please note that if you are subscribing from a non-UCSF address, you'll be asked for your UCSF affiliation. You wil receive a prompt confirmation that you've joined the newsletter.

Newsletter Guidelines

  • The newsletter is used to communicate important events, programs, information, and resources to the UCSF LGBTQIA+ community  
  • Announcements more than two weeks ahead of publication date, must be submitted each week in order to be included in weekly newsletter editions
  • All external announcements will be reviewed prior to publicizing in the newsletter
  • The LGBT Resource Center reserves the right to withhold any announcement, if deemed inappropriate or not of significant relevance to the Center
  • All announcements must be submitted using the form below
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Assistant Director, Evolve Benton, via email: [email protected]