Pronoun Stickers

As a university that recognizes and appreciates diversity, UCSF strives to create an inclusive environment for all of our community members. It is important to offer opportunities for all members to share their gender pronouns in settings where they are asked to introduce themselves. Whether you are working with a colleague, peer, or patient – we want to allow for everyone to specifically indicate their pronouns so each individual feels safe navigating UCSF.

These stickers aim to reduce instances of misgendering and to make it easier for you to know which pronouns to use for someone you just met, especially if you are not sure about their correct gender pronouns.

Sample UCSF ID badge with a pronoun sticker indicating She, Her, Hers affixed.

We encourage everyone to add a pronoun sticker to your UCSF ID badge. Please fill out this form to request stickers for your department: For individual stickers please visit the LGBTQ Resource Center at MU 102.

Five circular stickers: He, Him, His (purple); She, Her, Hers (blue); They, Them, Theirs (orange); Ask me about my pronouns (green)