LGBTQIA+ Health Forum Presenters

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Plenary Session SpeakOUT

Klint Jaramillo
Klint Jaramillo, M.Ed., M.S.W. Director, UCSF LGBT Resource Center Plenary Moderator
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Klint is a passionate social justice educator and student affairs professional who uses an intersectional approach to guide his practice and philosophy. He has over 10 years of professional experience working with and for LGBTQIA+ populations. Prior to joining UCSF, Klint served as Associate Director of LGBT Services in the Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Outside of his responsibilities at UCSF, Klint has served in several leadership and volunteer roles with NASPA (National Association of Student Personnel Administrators) and Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Klint earned a master's degree in Education from Loyola University Chicago, a master's degree in Social Service Administration from University of Chicago and a bachelor's degree in Sociology with concentrations in Latino Studies and Critical Sexualities Studies from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.
Shaun Abrams
Shaun Abrams, PhD UCSF School of Dentistry Plenary Speaker
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Shaun hails from Brooklyn, NY, and graduated valedictorian from the City University of New York (CUNY) Medgar Evers College in 2006 where he majored in biology. Prior to joining the DDS/PhD program, he worked in the lab of Dr. Matthew Hoffman at NIDCR, studying salivary gland stem cells for developing regenerative therapeutic strategies. Shaun completed his PhD work in the lab of Dr. Jeremy Reiter, where he uncovered how primary cilia regulate midfacial development. He is broadly interested in the genetic basis for craniofacial malformations and how intercellular communication coordinates facial development. Shaun currently is supported through an individual F30 fellowship. When he's not in lab or class, Shaun can be found singing with SF choral groups, taking Afro-Brazilian dance classes, and finding new hiking trails in the Bay Area.
Laura Compton
Laura Compton, PMHNP-BC Health at Every Size (HAES) Plenary Speaker
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Laura Compton, PMHNP-BC, is a board-certified Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. She has more than a decade of experience working with clients with complex acute and chronic mental health needs. Laura is a member of the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), and is committed to creating a supportive, affirming, and empowering environment for clients of all sizes, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, faiths, ages, and abilities. Laura completed her Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (MSN) graduate education at the University of California, San Francisco, and her undergraduate nursing education at Community College of Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, PA) and California University of Pennsylvania. She is also a veteran of the United States Air Force.
Manny Gonzalez
Manny Gonzalez, PhD, Pediatrics resident UCSF School of Medicine Plenary Speaker
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Manuel "Manny" Gonzales earned his MD from UCSF. Originally from Lima, Peru, he has been in the Bay Area since he was five years old. Manny has spent his adult life working with children and families. First as a preschool teacher, then as a Master's student in SF State's Developmental Psychology program, and now as a Pediatrics resident at UCSF. Throughout medical school he was part of the organizing committee for the UCSF LGBTQIA+, hosted multiple UCSF Queer mixers at his home, and is a mentor for Queer medical and undergraduate students.

Patient Panel Moderator

Dulce Garcia
Dulce Garcia Health Educator & Rape Crisis Counselor Patient Panel
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Dulce is a fierce queer Chicana Fat Femme born in Mexico City and raised in East Los Angeles, she graduated from UC Irvine with two Bachelor degrees and received her Master's degree in Ethnic Studies from San Francisco State University. Her passion and commitment to serve underserved communities is rooted in an anti-oppression framework as a Rape Crisis Counselor and Consultant. Her film "With Conviction" won the Audience Choice Award at the Queer Women of Color Film Festival; she performs on stage with In Lak'ech – the only Queer and Trans, Bachata and Salsa Dance academy in the U. S.

Concurrent Session Presenters

Erica Anderson
Erica Anderson, PhD Professor and Clinical Psychologist Transference and Countertransference challenges in view of the Spectrum of Gender
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Erica E. Anderson is a clinical psychologist, academic administrator, healthcare executive, professor, and consultant. During a career that spans 4 decades she has held academic appointments in health psychology, public health, clinical psychology, healthcare management and pediatrics. She has also served as an Executive in a number of Healthcare Businesses. At the University of California at San Francisco she works in the Child and Adolescent Gender Clinic in Pediatric Endocrinology. There she consults with transgender and gender nonconforming children, adolescents, their families and other healthcare professionals and supports training of healthcare professional students, residents, and fellows in the rapidly advancing field of transgender healthcare. In her private consulting practice Erica provides consultation to corporations on issues related to sexual and gender diversity and inclusion (including gender transition) of transgender and gender nonconforming leaders, and private clinical services to youth, adults, couples, and families. She has consulted on transgender issues in Sweden where she has also appeared on the celebrated show Allt for Sverige. She was the first transgender person on a prime time TV show in Sweden. She has been recognized there with awards on GayGalen, an annual televised awards show for the LGBTQ community in Scandinavia. She returns each year to speak at Pride in Stockholm and consults with the Swedish Government. In 2018 at Europride she was an invited speaker and participant in the Human Rights Conference focused on LGBTQ rights in Europe. She serves on several Boards and is now the President Elect of USPATH, the newly created affiliate of WPATH which publishes the Standards of Care for transgender healthcare. In previous work she has held academic appointments at the University of Minnesota, Thomas Jefferson University, Immaculata University and John F. Kennedy University.
Evolve Benton
Evolve Benton, M.A., M.F.A., Writer, Speaker, Healer Equity and Inclusion Program Manager, Student Experience Team, UCSF Write it Out: Healing Through Writing and Self Love
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Evolve Benton (pronouns: they, them, theirs,) is a writer, speaker and healer that has a passion for social justice. Evolve currently serves as the Equity and Inclusion Program Manager, for the UCSF School of Medicine. Evolve identifies as a black, queer, boi (born obviously incredible). Evolve is a prominent writer, speaker & racial justice educator. In 2018 Evolve published their first poetry collection SIR: poetry dedicated to boihood & black queer love. Also, they co-produced their first independent film, "The BOI DOC". Evolve describes themselves as an artistic spirit using creativity as a form of liberation. Evolve earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Dillard University and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with a LGBT Specialization and Master of Fine Arts from Antioch University of Los Angeles.
Jackie Berger
Jackie Berger, Professor of English Notre Dame de Namur University Writing in the Storm: A Practice of Poetry and Healing
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Jacqueline Berger is the author of four books of poetry: The Day You Miss Your Exit, The Gift That Arrives Broken, Things That Burn, and The Mythologies of Danger. Selected poems were featured on Garrison Keillor's Writers Almanac. She is a professor of English at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, California, and she lives in San Francisco with her husband and aging dog.
Chris Daly
Dr. Christopher Daley, Outpatient Psychiatrist Kaiser Permanente San Jose HIV Today: Understanding current trends in HIV infection with particular focus on factors faced by LGBTQIA young adults.
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Dr. Christopher Daley attended medical school at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and completed his psychiatry residency at the University of California, San Francisco. He completed an additional year of training in forensic psychiatry and is board certified in general psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. Dr. Daley worked through the county mental health system as a professor at UCSF for close to three years, with specialization in LGBT mental health and HIV psychiatry. He is currently an outpatient psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente, San Jose, working part time in the Adult Infectious Diseases clinic as a consultant. He has 20 years of experience working from bench to bedside to curbside in a variety of roles aimed at HIV prevention and treatment. He is a proud owner of a 13 year old Jack Russel Terrier mix :)
Xochitlquetzal Dávila SF Community Health Center Community Panel: Caring for Queer Communities
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Xochitlquetzal Davila is highly driven by Justice, with love, purpose, and the purpose of love. They are an ethnically & culturally effervescent, legibly gender non-binary/conforming trans queer of color. They have been an educator and activist for immigration reform, rights, & advocacy, queer and trans rights & justice, and anti-racism for over two decades. They have served as a tutor, substitute & after school teacher, a consultant for political campaigns, and run their own business as a management consultant. Xochitlquetzal is currently working on behavioral health and HIV prevention within the trans and GNC community and Transitional Age Youth.
Madeline Deutsch
Dr. Maddie Deutsch, MD, MPH, Assistant Clinical Professor UCSF Family and Community Medicine and the Clinical Lead for the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health Beyond trans 101 - Centering patient needs in clinic at the structural and individual level
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Maddie Deutsch, MD, MPH is the Medical Director for UCSF Transgender Care, and an Associate Professor of Clinical Family & Community Medicine at UCSF. She is the President-Elect of USPATH. She has conducted research on a range of transgender health and medicine topics, and is the Course Chair for the Transgender Health elective at UCSF.
Natalie Ingraham
Dr. Natalie Ingraham, Assistant Professor of Sociology California State University, East Bay Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Fat Studies & LGBTQ Health Intersections
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Natalie Ingraham, PhD, MPH is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at California State University, East Bay. She earned her PhD in Sociology from UCSF 2016. Her research examines the intersections of body size, gender, sexuality and health. She has conducted qualitative research on gender and reproductive health as a staff research associate at Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH).
Davi dJay
David Jay Founder, Ace Health
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David Jay is the founder of and an advocate for ace visibility. He was part of the taskforce which successfully lobbied to have asexuality removed from the DSM V, and has been featured in the feature length documentary (A)sexual.
Hans Lindhall
Hans Lindhall, Director of Communications & Outreach InterACT and InterACT Advocates for Intersex Youth The Intersex Healthcare Chasm and What Intersex Youth Are Doing About It
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Hans serves as Communications Director for interACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth and has been active in intersex art and activism since 2015. She has spoken to general audiences, doctors, lawyers, and state legislatures about intersex issues. Features include NBC, The Washington Post, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, and Teen Vogue. Hans does sensitivity reading work for authors and creators with the goal of creating sensitive intersex representation in comics and other media. She works from San Francisco, CA. She works from San Francisco, CA.
Caleb Luna, Performer-Scholar-Activist Ph.D. candidate in Performance Studies at UC Berkeley Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Fat Studies & LGBTQ Health Intersections
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Caleb Luna (they/them) is a performer-scholar-activist and Ph.D. candidate in Performance Studies at UC Berkeley, where their research focuses on performances of eating and cultural representations of fat embodiment. They are interested in engaging embodied difference as a generative resource toward fatter understandings of collective freedom. You can find their writing online at Black Girl Dangerous, Everyday Feminism and The Body Is Not An Apology. Their print publications include Nepantla: An Anthology Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color (2018); Canadian Art magazine (Winter 2018); and the forthcoming Queer Nightlife anthology. They also produce exclusive content at
Thomas Pospiech
Thomas Pospiech, PhD candidate, Visting PhD candidate University of Michigan and UCSF Speak Up: Using Your Expertise as Voice to Advocate for Policies Affecting the LGBTQIA+ Community
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Tom Pospiech, Jr. is a fourth-year, visiting, chemical biology graduate student from the University of Michigan. He is the Treasurer for the Science Policy Group at UCSF and is a member of the National Science Policy Network. Tom and SPG colleagues have advocated for enforcement of Mental Health Parity laws in Sacramento. In addition, he has traveled to Washington, D.C. to explore careers in federal policy and to advocate for basic science research funding, has co-hosted a pre-screening of the documentary "Human Nature" with fireside chat, and has advocated for HIV research funding at San Francisco's 2019 Pride Parade.
Anna Randall
Anna M. Randall, DHS, MSW, MPH, Executive Director Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance ( Health Disparities and Kink as an Unrecognized Sexual Minority: Cultural Humility in Care
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The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance (, a national nonprofit research and professional training organization. Known for their research and publications on Kink and BDSM sexuality, TASHRA works to increase the scientific knowledge on the lived-experienced of sexual minorities. To bridge this gap, TASHRA trains various healthcare professionals in the provision of compassionate and knowledgeable care. Her public service work includes a team leadership role on the National Kink Guidelines Taskforce which is developing guidelines for culturally competent clinical practices. With a Doctorate Degree in Human Sexuality in addition to Masters Degrees in both Social Work and Public Health, Dr. Randall is a licensed clinical social worker in California, with a private psychotherapy practice in Silicon Valley that specializes in sex therapy for a broad spectrum of individuals and their diverse relational configurations.
Matthew Schecter
Dr. Matthew Schechter, Office-based Proctologist General Surgery Dept at Kaiser Oakland Bottoms Up: Anal sex and Anal health for all
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Dr. Matthew Schechter (He/him) is a UCSF alum (2012) who trained in OB/Gyn and works at Kaiser Oakland as an office-based Proctologist in the department of General Surgery and separately as an OB Hospitalist on Labor and Delivery. He is Queer/MSM and has an outpatient practice focus on anal sexual wellness for all folks with an anus.
sean senechal
sean c. senechal, Speaker, author, instructor Enhancing animals' & peoples' lives though enhanced communication Transference and Countertransference challenges in view of the Spectrum of Gender
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Sean C. Senechal is an American futurist, biologist, physiologist, applied behavior analyst, university bio-psychology instructor, gender/sexuality, biotech educator, and animal language researcher. Senechal's study interests are: 1) Developing domesticated or captive animal expressive communication (to humans), 2) Psycho-biology (including environmental) of gender/sexual diversity, and 3) Future of biotech and medicine. Senechal uses Positive behavior support (PBS) in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and provides ABA Behavioral and Communication Therapy to children, especially those with autism, Aspergers, and speech delays. Senechal adds this tool (ABA) to existing methods (AnimalSign) to benefit and develop skill in animals, such as dogs, horses, elephants, and cats.
Jen Shockey
Jen Shockey, MPH, Provider Training & Education UCSF Alliance Health Project What's SGM got to do with it? An introduction to sexual orientation and gender diversity
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Jen Shockey, has worked with the UCSF Alliance Health Project (AHP) since 2012 as a trainer, capacity building assistance specialist and curriculum writer. Jen became the Manager of the Provider Training and Education unit in 2018. Prior to working at AHP, Shockey spent five years as a behavioral intervention trainer/capacity building assistance specialist at the California HIV/STD Prevention Training Center. Their extensive training background includes CDC interventions such as Personalized Cognitive Counseling, RESPECT, Healthy Relationships, PROMISE, Project START and Testing Together. As a program manager at the Community Health Partnership, San Jose, they worked with faculty at the Pacific AIDS Education & Training Center and implemented the Trans-Powerment Program within the trans-women community in Santa Clara County. Jen has also taught transgender health classes at City College of San Francisco.
Billy Smith, MD, 2nd year resident UCSF Adult Psychiatry Residency Training Program Stonewall Uprising: Impact on older LGBT Adults
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Billy Smith, M.D., is a second year resident in the University of California, San Francisco Adult Psychiatry Residency Training Program. He obtained his BS in Chemistry from Northeastern University and completed medical school at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Smith has a particular academic and clinical interest in caring for older adults with serious mental illness as well as LGBTQ populations across the lifespan.
Dolores Tejada
Dolores Tejada Disability Justice Culture Club Community Panel: Caring for Queer Communities
Past Anger, Access and Survival: Disability Justice as Care
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Dolores Tejada (she/her, they/them) honed their organizing skills doing disability rights organizing, and came to Disability Justice (DJ) because of the lack of intersectionality in mainstream disability spaces. Using a DJ framework they have participated in campaigns around educational equity, voter education, public transit access. Born and raised in the Bay Area from immigrant parents, they hold the following identities: fat, disabled, queer, femme, and brown.
Peter Ureste
Peter Ureste, M.D. Associate Clinical Professor, UCSF Stonewall Uprising: Impact on older LGBT Adults
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Peter Ureste, M.D., is an assistant clinical professor at the University of California, San Francisco. He works as an inpatient psychiatrist at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, the safety-net hospital for many San Franciscans. He completed medical school at University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago. After his general psychiatry residency at University of Southern California (USC) / Los Angeles County+USC, Dr. Ureste completed a geriatric psychiatry fellowship at University of California, San Francisco.
Wendy Vastine
Wendy Vastine, M.A., CCC-SLP San Francisco Voice & Swallowing, and Transformative Voice Liberation through the voice: Gender Affirmative Voice and Communication
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Wendy Vastine (they/them), CCC-SLP has been working with the speaking and singing voice for over a decade. They have taught and performed nationally and internationally, and they present regularly at conferences and universities. Wendy holds an MA in Speech-Language Pathology from University of Pittsburgh, a vocology certification from the National Center for Voice Science, and a BFA in theatre from New York University: Tisch School of the Arts. They are especially committed to training other trans and/or non-binary people to teach voice. They practice as an SLP at San Francisco Voice and Swallowing and teach privately through Transformative Voice.
SirJoQ Co-founder, Bay Area Vogue Nights Vogue and Tone: 2020 Vibes with 2020 Vision
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SirJoQ is a dancer/choreographer/MC born and raised in San Francisco. He is the first Vogue instructor of San Francisco and has been teaching his Vogue & Tone classes since 2010. Starting his career steeped in the improvisation of freestyle hip-hop, Jocquese has added modern, classical, and Diasporic dance traditions over the last several years. Jocquese also teaches his Vogue & Tone class at Dance Mission Theater (Mondays, 8-9:30PM, SF) & ODC Dance Commons (Thursdays, 7:30-9:00PM, SF).
Leah Warner, NP, MPH, The Street Medicine Team San Francisco Department of Public Health Challenges and Resilience: Care of Underserved and Homeless Trans Patients
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Leah Warner, NP, MPH is a nurse practitioner and women's health specialist on The Street Medicine Team in the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Leah's clinical practice provides primary care and addiction medicine services to people experiencing homelessness in nontraditional settings throughout San Francisco. Leah's career began in reproductive health and justice after finishing her Master of Public Health at University of California Los Angeles. Prior to becoming a nurse practitioner, she worked for Planned Parenthood as a program coordinator for the Los Angeles High School Program. Since graduating from the University of California San Francisco Master Entry Program in Nursing, she has worked as a nurse practitioner in clinic sites throughout the bay area including Marin City Health & Wellness, the formerly Glide Health Services, Lyon-Martin, South of Market Health Center, and now Street Medicine. Her clinical practice has focused on providing primary care for people experiencing homelessness or who are marginally housed, and her specialty in women and transgender healthcare informs her advocacy work in reproductive justice within the San Francisco public health systems of care.