LGBTQIA+ Registered Student Organizations

LGBTQIA+ campus groups

LGBTQ Student Association (LGBTQSA)

The LGBTQ Student Association is a registered campus organization consisting of both health science students and graduate students. This is a group that has also advocated for greater campus needs of LGBTQIA+ students, such as the inclusion of gender identity and sexual orientation in the admissions process. A large task of this group is the Annual LGBTQIA+ Health Forum, a unique student-organized program that provides attendees the opportunity to learn more about the healthcare needs of the LGBTQIA+ community and become better prepared to serve patients in the clinical setting. For more information about the LGBTQ Student Association, please email Tracy Garcia ([email protected]).

Graduate and Postdoc Queer Alliance (GPQA)

A group of queer graduate students focused on building community and raising awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues in the sciences. For more information about the Graduate and Postdoc Queer Alliance, visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

UCSF School of Dentistry Gay-Straight Alliance (GSDA)

This group (which combines students, faculty, and staff) meets monthly to discuss climate concerns, plan educational events, and facilitate networking. For more information, visit them on Facebook.

Pride In Medicine (PRIDE)

Pride in Medicine works to enhance the climate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer-identifying (LGBTQIA+) individuals and enrich the career and personal development of these individuals in the School of Medicine.

Our mission is:

  1. to promote a welcoming and inclusive institutional community for LGBTQIA+ medical students and
  2. to enhance mentorship and networking opportunities for LGBTQIA+ medical trainees to connect with LGBTQIA+ medical professionals including residents, alumni, staff, and faculty.

In addition to serving the School of Medicine, PRIDE works with the UCSF LGBT Resource Center and the inter-professional LGBTQ Student Association to support leadership and research efforts toward serving sexual minority patient populations.

Contact: [email protected]

Online Groups

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