Health Benefits

For UCSF Students

Health Benefits

Transgender Benefits

For UCSF Faculty and Staff

Transgender Benefits: UC Transgender Health Benefits for Faculty and Staff Fact Sheet

Spousal Benefits: UC Spousal Health Benefits for Faculty and Staff

UC Spousal Retirement Benefits

Domestic Partnership Benefits: UC Domestic Partner Benefits for Faculty and Staff Fact Street

Fertility Benefits: Being Updated!

Have questions about your domestic partner or transgender health benefits? Contact UCSF Health Care Facilitator Sue Forstat.

For UCSF Post Docs, Residents, and Fellows

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Looking for a LGBTQIA+ Friendly Provider?

Because of the diversity in health plans and the changing availability of providers, we are unable to publish a list of current providers at this time. The Resource Center does have an informal list of LGBTQIA+ friendly providers that have been suggested by community members. If you are a UCSF affiliate and would like to request resources not listed on this website, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Similarly if you have any providers you would recommend, please email us so we can add that resource to the list.

The GLMA (Gay Lesbian Medical Association) also keeps a database of LGBTQIA+ identified providers. You can search by speciality and insurance carrier. You can access that website here.

Choosing a Health Care Plan

There are a number of LGBTQIA+ specific resources available for you and your patients or clients to learn more about the ACA and how to get healthcare insurance coverage.

Where to Start, What to Ask: A Guide for LGBT People Choosing Health Care Plans, developed by Strong Families, is a guide that can help you help your patients, clients, friends and family:

  • Evaluate their healthcare needs,
  • Navigate new insurance options and
  • Choose the best plan for them.

Access to affordable health insurance can help address the health disparities that exist in the LGBTQIA+ community, can provide critical preventative care widely and can ensure all individuals and families can get the care they need without going bankrupt. Click here to download the guide now. Click here for more information from our friends at Out2Enroll.