Chancellor’s Committee on LGBT Issues

To examine issues of concern to the UCSF LGBTQIA+ community and make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor Diversity and Outreach on current issues affecting the UCSF LGBTQIA+ community, including, but not limited to: LGBTQIA+ related bias on the campus; discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity; and other quality of campus life issues among LGBTQIA+ students, trainees, staff, and faculty. The Committee is also charged with vetting nominations for the Chancellor's Award for LGBT Leadership. The committee will work with the Vice Chancellor's office to facilitate the implementation of campus programs, activities and procedures that address issues facing the UCSF LGBTQIA+ Community and support the Chancellor's three-year goals.

Co-Chairs: Sue Forstat and Brent Kobashi

Staff: Evolve Benton

2016-17 Members:
Ronald Balassanian
Anne Boyle
Savina Briggs
Janessa Broussard
Ronald Campbell
Danielle Castro
Linda Centore
Angela Dalfen
CJ Frosch
Tom Gaither
Klint Jaramillo
Rachel Kaplan
Ellen Kersten
Brent Kobashi
Carolyn Light
Anton Lorenzo Avancena
Noel Rosales
Nicole Rosendale
Teresa Scherzer
Rossana Segovia
Kate Shumate
Michaela Taylor
John Tighe
Chongyi Wei

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Leadership Award

LGBTQIA+ Health Forum:
Lunn/Obedin-Maliver Cases
Lunn/Obedin-Maliver Slides