The OUT List

The OUT List is a resource tool created by the LGBT Resource Center to promote visibility, awareness, mentoring, and networking for our UCSF LGBT faculty, students, staff, residents, postdocs, and fellows. Over the years, this online reseource has helped us establish a sense of community, despite the inherent geographical barriers between our different sites.

By adding your name to the OUT List, you help promote visibility of LGBT+ people on campus and agree to be contacted as an informal resource for our students, staff, trainees, and faculty. As your titles and positions may change during the University over time, you agree for the LGBT Resource Center to contact you and update your information accordingly (ie: A student who has now become alumni).

Want to join the Out List?  Fill out the Qualtrics Survey. If you would like to update your information, complete the survey and write UPDATE in Question 2. Your information will be added within one month. Contact if you have questions.

NOTE: A new OUT List is being compiled for the 2016-2017 academic year. All new AND returning faculty, students, staff, residents, postdocs, and fellows who want to be part of this initiative need to fill out the survey above.